Traditional Jewish cuisine



Breakfasts served daily from 10:00am to 11.30am


An amazing trip inside the Jewish culture and tradition combined with the history of pre-war Lublin.

Mandragora is a restaurant located in Lublin Old Town that serves Jewish cuisine. All dishes in our menu are cautiously selected so that, to the extent possible, they reflect the nature of traditional Jewish cuisine. We prepare them exclusively from the best quality ingredients and based on old, pre-war recipes. At the same time we care of the visit in Mandragora so that it is not only a culinary experience but also a cultural one, that is why we obey Jewish customs concerning the preparation of dishes, and the interior in our restaurant was inspired by the rich cultural tradition of the pre-war Jewish Lublin. You are welcome!



We invite you to take part in an extraordinary culinary journey to a place where the Jewish tradition is connected with the present. Jewish cuisine is full of symbolism, and each dish refers to feasts or events from the history of the people of Israel. Therefore, in our menu you will find, among others, holiszki, a traditional dish served for Sukkot feast, fish prepared the same way as for Rosh Hashanah, the Shabbat Czulent, kosher wines and latkes - served traditionally during the most beautiful Jewish feast, Chanukah.


In our Jewish restaurant you will also find the bakery and a small confectionery manufacture. Each day we invite you to freshly made Cebularz and bread, and on Fridays to taste delicious Shabbat challah. From among the confectionery products we especially recommend the following cakes: tea, hazelnut and chocolate. All our pastries are prepared on the basis of traditional pre-war recipes and exclusively from the best and most natural food ingredients.


Mandragora is also a place where you can listen to live music. We are the only restaurant in Lublin Old Town where klezmer music concerts are held. The sounds of traditional klezmer instruments will move you in time and allow you to immerse yourself in the fascinating atmosphere of pre-war Jewish Lublin.

How much kosher is our restaurant?

As befits real Jewish restaurant, we do our best to respect the Kashrut, namely the rules for what to eat and how to prepare food contained in the Torah. Of course, we are not able to comply with all the rules, especially those related to meat from ritual slaughter, but the most important principles of Kashrut have been leading us since the beginning of our restaurant in Lublin Old Town. Food in our kitchen is divided into meat, milk and neutral. We do not store them together and we care about them so that they do not touch each other on no condition. We never serve pork and we do not combine milk with meat, and the products used in our dishes are selected from the kosher list published by the local Jewish Community. Kosher wines, tea and food additives are imported directly from Israel. While Serving guests who require strict restraint of kosher rules, we change the decoration of the restaurant tables to disposable tableware, paper tablecloths and disposable cutlery. Selected guests may also enter the kitchen and check that the dishes are prepared properly. Our restaurant does not have a kosher certificate.


Jewish Restaurant Lublin
Jewish restaurant Lublin

Shabbat nights with live klezmer music

In order to bring you closer Jewish culture being full of fascinating traditions, Mandragora regularly organizes Shabbat evenings with live klezmer music. We invite the best Jewish bands in Lublin, making every Shabbat evening an unforgettable musical experience. In addition, in our Jewish restaurant you will find a small shop where you can buy klezmer music CDs.



Dishes from a traditional Jewish restaurant at your home or in your office

You can enjoy our cuisine not only in our restaurant in the old town of Lublin but also anywhere you wish. Regardless of whether it is an intimate home party, a garden party, a corporate event or a thematic party, it will be a great pleasure for us to prepare and deliver you meals ordered in our restaurant. Moreover, we organize kosher cooking shows, and for children - meetings with Jewish culture. You are welcome!


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miejsce inspiracji

PLACE OF INSPIRATION is a prestigious title awarded to HoReCa companies, which through their offer, interior design and activity create a unique atmosphere characteristic of Lublin. The guaranteed hospitality, regional ingredients in carefully prepared dishes and initiatives bringing closer old stories and contemporary image of the city allow to reveal the inspirational nature of Lublin.


For guests visiting the city we also offer the opportunity to stay in Lublin Old Town. For this reason, we have prepared an elegant and atmospheric apartment located just next to the Old Town market and the restaurant. This is a great opportunity to enjoy a good and tasty meal, know better the Jewish culture and relax in comfortable surroundings. If you are looking for a hotel in Lublin Old Town, you are more than welcome to know with our accommodation offer.

Jewish Mandragora Restaurant
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Old Town, Lublin

Monday - Thursday and Sunday:
12:00 - 22:00
Sabbath / Friday - Saturday:
12:00 - 24:00